Introducing the Voices “A-Team”

May 17, 2017 - 3:12 pm
Are you A-Team material? Last year, Voices for Civil Justice began a special initiative we call our “A-Team.” Now we are ready to expand it.

Last year, Voices for Civil Justice began a special initiative we call our “A-Team” to support JusticeVoices network members with a special interest in proactively pursuing media opportunities and developing their media skills.  Our goal in this initiative is to build a cadre of media-savvy civil legal aid advocates able to generate coverage and quickly respond to media opportunities. We also hope that many will become sought-after thought leaders in their areas of expertise.

The inaugural A-Team comprises 50 people from 28 states. Some are full-time communications staff, some have communications as part of a broader job description, and others are staff attorneys who simply enjoy media work. So far we have held training webinars, exchanged ideas, and worked individually with members to bring media attention to important issues in their communities.

And now after a year of learning (by both A-Team members and Voices staff), we are ready to expand the A-Team.

We are looking for advocates who want to be directly involved in generating coverage of civil legal aid in their media markets. Members are asked to:

  • Produce at least two media placements (news coverage, op-eds, etc.) per year with civil legal aid messaging;
  • Alert Voices to newsworthy trends/cases, reports or other data (in advance of publication), and generally be a source of story ideas;
  • Serve as go-to contacts for Voices when we seek spokespeople, including clients, and other resources to respond to news opportunities or develop pitches.

In turn, we offer A-Team members individualized feedback and coaching, including:

  • Assistance with media placements (e.g. when you have a new report coming out), responding to reporter requests, or feedback on op-ed drafts;
  • Capacity building support, including quarterly skill-building webinars (e.g. op-ed writing, telling stories in a way that empowers clients);
  •  Individual guidance to help you develop your voice and become a thought leader in your area(s) of expertise.

Does participation in the A-Team sound interesting to you?   We would love to talk with you. Send us a note at and one of us will follow up. 

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