Help Us Craft Our 2018 Plan

November 29, 2017 - 6:14 pm
We want to know how Voices can best support your communications work.

During this season of gratitude and celebration, Voices is happy to mark our fourth anniversary of working with you to increase visibility for civil legal aid and civil justice reform in the media. Together we are truly making it happen.

Hand-in-hand with celebrating our anniversary comes planning for the coming year. Our mission, of course, is to build awareness of civil legal aid through strong and sustained media coverage. While our primary focus is on national media, we are very pleased with the increased quantity of well-messaged coverage at the state and local levels.

To keep the drumbeat of coverage strong, we must continue building the capacity of the Voices community to recognize media opportunities and the skills to develop those opportunities into placements.

To that end, we want to hear your thinking about how we can best support your media and communications work in 2018.

  • Do you want more communications/media training? Individual coaching? If so, what specifically would you like to learn?
  • Do you need more communications/media tools? If so, which ones would be most helpful?
  • Do you want to establish a Voices-style network in your state?
  • What else would elevate your communications/media savvy to the next level?

A big part of Voices’ success in 2018 will be your success in 2018. We’re making our plan now. Let us know how we can best support you.