Voices at NLADA – Unveiling an exciting new project and crisis communications

October 26, 2018 - 6:59 pm
We are looking forward to the NLADA Annual Conference in Houston, where Soren will respresent Voices in two venues. In the Civil Caucus he will share an exclusive first look at a digital storytelling campaign that we have been working on for quite some time now. And Soren has put together an excellent workshop on crisis communications.

Read on for more information on both.

A digital storytelling campaign called “All Rise for Civil Justice”
We hope that as many of you as possible will be at the Civil Caucus, where you will get a glimpse of this new Voices venture. In spite of the impressive growth in communications to lift up civil legal aid, still no consistent, cohesive narrative exists when it comes to the challenges facing the civil justice system in America. Some of our most important audiences do not understand the scale of the problem, the consequences it has for millions of Americans, or the solutions needed to reverse the crisis. Our overarching goal with the All Rise for Civil Justice campaign is to establish that narrative, including highlighting scalable solutions and policy fixes.

It is our hope that the All Rise project will allow every activist and advocate, those fighting for the American ideal of justice for all, to tell powerful stories more powerfully while advancing a consistent narrative using language that we know works.

If you will be at the NLADA conference, come to the Civil Caucus to learn more about All Rise. We’re just getting started, so you will receive more information from us in future emails as well.

Communicating in a crisis 
Voices will also lead a session on a topic that we believe addresses a growing need among legal aid organizations – What to Do When the Unexpected Happens: Media Preparedness and Crisis Communications. This workshop brings together media experts and experienced advocates to offer practical advice about crisis communication and what you need to be prepared for your media moment.

Moderated by Soren, the session will bring together four experts who will talk about communicating in times of crisis.  You will hear from advocates who have been thrust into the national spotlight as LSC funding came under attack, Harvey ravaged Houston, and families were torn apart at the Southern border. And you will leave knowing five essential principles of crisis communication and ideas for the tools you need to prepare and respond to similar situations.

The session will take place Friday afternoon at 2:30-4:00 in the Plaza Ballroom I, Westin Galleria, 3rd Level.

Are there other trainings or resources you would like us to develop to help you with your media and communications needs? If so, let us know.